Four Ways Fish Tacos Are Better Than a Boat Party

February 16, 2017

#1 Say goodbye to sunburns

Thanks to Taco John’s®, you can catch awesome Fish Tacos without catching too
much sun. Point: Fish Tacos.

#2 TJ® is closer to the beach (Probably)

For a lot of our fans, beaches are in short supply. We let you catch awesome Fish
Tacos without a cross-country road trip. Fish Tacos for the win.

#3 Sharks

Scary stuff, right? Instead of that little guy taking a bite out of you, you can bite into
Fish Tacos. Makes sense to us.

#4 They’re Only 2 for $4*

Boat parties are expensive. Our awesome Fish Tacos? Not so much.

To summarize: boat parties are cool, but our Fish Tacos are way, way better. But they
aren’t around forever, so get yours today.

*At Participating Locations.