Legendary Taco John’s Re-opens in Little Canada

January 24, 2017

Residents of Little Canada, Minnesota received bad news this past August when they traveled to their local Taco John’s. The store had been closed. Well, former regulars, rejoice: a new and improved Taco John’s has opened in its place. The store, located at 3340 Rice St. on January 24th, arrives with an urban legend attached: it shares a spot with what’s rumored to be the birthplace of an all-time fan favorite.

“Though it’s unconfirmed, we, as well as many of the locals, believe that the oldTaco John’s in Little Canada was where the Taco Bravo® was invented,” said Tamra Kennedy, owner of Twin City T.J.’s, Inc. “It’ll be exciting to see our regulars in the area again – some even come from as far as downtown Minneapolis to eat at their favorite location.”

Customers might arrive to find the place a little different than they remember, though.

“The new restaurant is all about giving our fans a bigger, better experience. It has an updated look, longer operating hours and much better road access, so coming and going will be a lot more convenient,” says Kennedy. “But it’s the sameTaco John’s our regulars loved: Taco Tuesday®, breakfast burritos and all the rest.”

To mark the occasion, the first 100 guests that passed through the doors were given Golden Tickets good for a year of fan-favorite Potato Olés®.

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